Youth Ministry


It is the mission of the Youth Ministry of the Triumphant Church of Jesus Christ to encourage the youth and young adults to defend and promote their faith in Jesus Christ while living to please the Lord (R.E.A.C.H – Relationship, Evangelism, Action, Character and Heaven). The Youth Ministry’s vision is to effect change in the Rexdale area starting with young people in their individual sphere of influence. To achieve this vision, the youth ministry has a plethora of events including social groups in which all ages are catered to.

On the first and third Friday of each month the youth get together for Young People and Young Adult Fellowship. This partnership currently has two services occurring simultaneously, one for youth ages 12 and under, and the other for young adults ages 13 and over. Also, first Sundays are designated as Youth Sunday. Members from the youth leadership team get the opportunity to facilitate the day’s services with the assistance of the young people.

Other youth sponsored activities include:

1. Supplying the gifts on Mother’s and Father’s Day
2. Annual Track and Field Classic
3. Youth Jam [Church Picnic]
4. A community Back to School Bash where school supplies are given away
5. Training that focuses solely on evangelism
6. Our Annual Youth Shut-In


Sons of Strength (S.O.S.) is a coming together of young men ages 13-25, which facilitates the mentoring and building of a spiritual foundation as well as an opportunity to fellowship on a social level.


Daughters of Virtue and Excellence (D.O.V.E.) is a program designed to enrich females, ages 12-21, in the areas of leadership, accountability, strong communication, self-respect, self-awareness and empathy. Our goals are achieved through planned workshops, mentoring, outings and activities. The program started in May 2010 and has impacted over 40 young women. As this ministry moves forward, we will continue to strive to help these young women grow into the virtuous women they were called to be.