Women’s Ministry


womens-ministryWe serve in many areas of this great Ministry, mainly in the affairs of females. In the local assembly and the community we aim to be good role models to our peers and to the younger women by passing on our experiences and encouraging women (i) to be vigilant in building and managing a stable home environment, (ii) to be loving mothers and career women, partnering with their husbands in Ministry, and (iii) to love, cherish and maintain themselves.

We assist with the domestic affairs of the church, utilizing our special skills in taking care of sanctuary activities such as (i) preparing for Communion services, (ii) preparing meals, (ii) hosting conventions, baby and wedding showers and other events, (iii) visiting, ministering to and caring for the sick and elderly at their homes and in care facilities.

Our featured highlights are, the Women’s yearly Shut-In Service, held on the last week-end of January, bringing in our main speaker, Evangelist Joy Johnson-Green from Showers of Blessings, Calgary Alberta. This shut-in continues to be a source of edification and spiritual growth. Also, our women’s choir also continues to minister on every fifth Sunday throughout the year.