In early 1989, a group of dedicated, spiritual, enthusiastic individuals gathered together for the purpose of offering worship to our most holy God.

There was a need for a place of worship and the search began for a house we could call home. The group worshipped temporarily in the Bathurst and Steeles area but this was not to be our permanent home.

Deacon K. Nolan decided to look in an area where there were no other churches of the Apostolic faith. He went to Rexdale and waited patiently for over one hour for a response from the Rexdale United Church at 87 Elmhurst Ave. The wait was not in vain. Triumphant held its first official service at the Rexdale United Church in October of 1989. Our first sermon from our leader was entitled “Guess who’s coming to dinner.

Triumphant worshipped at the Rexdale United Church at 87 Elmhurst Drive for 4 years. On November 13, 1994 it was announced that we would be moving to Thistledown Presbyterian Church. This proved to be the birthplace of some of our biggest trials up to that point. We soon found a petition looming over our heads; thus we started the process of finding yet another place to worship.

On our last Sunday at Thistledown, we worshipped until we couldn’t go anymore, with choruses such as “Tell me who can stand before us”. We had nowhere to go, but the Lord had it that for the next little while we would worship with Elder D. Wright and the saints at Mount Moriah. We worshipped at Mount Moriah for 8 months. Through all our trials we continued steadfast in fasting and prayer. The church continued to grow and prosper in the Lord and again we began a search for a building of our own.”

In February 1996, the City of Etobicoke approved the purchase of 15 Racine Road to be renovated and used as a place of worship. The property was ours for the glory of God; it was an edifice built by the men and women of Triumphant. They laboured tirelessly, knocking down walls, pulling wires, doing whatever was necessary. It was truly a community effort that brought everyone together. Finally, in June 1996 we opened the doors and dedicated our first building to the Glory of God. We had crossed over Jordan into Canaan’s happy land, a place to call our own.

It wasn’t long before we realized that we were out of space. The sanctuary was full on most Sundays with standing room only. We were now looking for a new building and pursued the purchase of our current place of worship. We knew that God was on our side when we went to purchase the property at 5 Greensboro Drive.

We started the new century in a new place of worship…moving in to 5 Greensboro in 2000. Renovations started right away, as we worshipped in a small section of the building. We now enjoy worshipping in this beautiful edifice, giving praise and honour to the Most High each time we walk through the doors.

Over the years, wherever we were, we praised Him; we continue to do so to this day and look forward with great enthusiasm to everything that the Lord has in store for us and for the next generation of Triumphant saints. Our congregation has grown; our families have grown and we continue steadfast to this day.